With over 30 years of quality products out in the world, we have countless letters of praise from a wide variety of adventurers. We love nothing more than to hear about your experiences and how One Planet gear has made the journey with you. Here are just a few of our favourite letters.

Through all these journeys and adventures the one constant in my life has been my One Planet backpack

Hi One Planet!

I thought I would reach out, say Hi and share the story of my longest running relationship ‘Ned’!

Back in late 2009 my mother bought me birthday shopping for a backpack.

I believe the store was Mountain Designs in Sydney City (or one of the travel stores in the area), I was working as a tour guide on the Harbour Bridge at the time and I had a friend that worked in the store, my friend was going through all the backpacks that were available within our budget at the time before saying something like ‘but if you want a great backpack…’ He then proceeded to pull down the One Planet hybrid backpack ‘Ned’, explaining that it was the best in the market, the backward stitching of the zips, the quality of the fabric, the simple design. I remember thinking at the time that this was just shop talk trying to get me to buy the backpack but to tell you the truth I was actually just drawn to it, It wasn’t gimmicky like the others, it had a strength and noble durability that I liked.

My mother could tell I liked the backpack, and that I was keen on travelling which I had not ever done before, around 8 months prior I had seen an ad on television for chocolate milk I think -the ad had four young twenty-somethings doing a round trip round OZ in a beat-up old kingswood, they were having bon-fires in the desert and jumping off cliffs into waterfalls (and drinking heaps of chocolate milk of course) and I thought to myself ‘why don’t I do that, why don’t more Aussies see their own country?’, and the thought stuck, and grew, and before I knew it I was planning a simple year long trip to travel and see more of OZ.

But, back to the bag – The rucksack was around 300 dollars over the budget which my mum had told me she was willing to spend, but she could tell how much I saw in this investment, and being so close to Christmas she bent her rubber arm (seeing it was something her boy loved!) I was so excited and even as a 21 year old I remember I put on the backpack even though there was nothing in it and wore it home from the city that day, like a little boy pretending I was a real backpacker.

That was just over six years ago..
The year long trip around Australia, took almost three, and had me bus, train, plane, van and hitch all over this great land, I worked in the outback, saw the remote parts of Tassie, worked the snow fields. Woofed and worked the harvest trail. I lived and worked in nearly every state before finding Fremantle in the west and calling that home base.

But the bag didn’t attract any dust there, there a brought it through countless camping trips up the west coast, back-packed south-east Asia and hiked it 1000 Kilometres end to end on WA’s Bibbulmun track (photos to prove it!) I then saved and went on an 18 month backpacking journey through nearly every country in South-America and up through Central, before getting a job working the festival circuit in Europe for the summer, living out a tent (and Ned) next to some of the world’s largest music festivals, before hitching through France to live on the Costa Brava in Spain.

Through all these journeys and adventures the one constant in my life has been my One Planet backpack.

It has seen all of OZ, every climate known to man and almost 30 different countries, it has been dragged through salt flats, thrown off moving trains, rolled off Kayaks, crammed into hitched car-rides and luggage compartments, it has been my headrest in a hundred different waiting terminals, it has been pushed, kicked, punched, chucked, stretched, drenched and buried, and it still doesn’t have a scratch on it, I mean nothing! Not one zipper is damaged, not one buckled cracked, not one compartment ripped or one strap frayed, I honestly mean NOTHING!
It literally is as strong and durable as the day it was bought! It is the most remarkable feat of quality I have EVER seen in a product, and I guess I am writing to say thanks!
Thanks for always keeping my gear safe, dry and secure, and I guess a big thanks should go to my mum for having the foresight and a eye for good taste in travel gear!
I am currently in Japan travelling and working for Remote Year, A new tourism start-up that brings people around the world, in the next 12 months I will visit 12 countries with them, and you can bet that my trusty side-kick ‘Ned’ will be there next to me, it is here in this room right now as I write this email.

I thought that would be something you would like to know! Thanks One Planet for making such a good (and good looking!) backpack! (Only last week in Airport in an Airport in Vietnam did somebody in line compliment me on it, and I thought to myself ‘I should let them know!) -Keep up the good work!

From your friend on the road!

Thanks to your team for great design, quality manufacture, speedy delivery and good communication.

Just wanted to let you know that the Bush-lite -7 I received is excellent as expected. Thanks to your team for great design, quality manufacture, speedy delivery and good communication.
Buying a One Planet bag was a no-brainer as my Winter-lite is now into its third decade and still allows me some luxury while snow camping. I did look at the competition but saw nothing that rated with your great work.

David Hunt

The exact fit harness was by far the most comfortable harness of all the packs I tried…

I recently bought a One Planet rucksack as a birthday present for myself and wore it on The Overland Track in Tassie. I absolutely love the pack! The exact fit harness was by far the most comfortable harness of all the packs I tried (including M***** and O*****), I found the canvas outer very durable, practical and free from unnecessary clips and pockets (I have the Elvis). So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making the best packs on the market. I was proud to find a brand that is still Aussie-made and being carbon neutral is a big bonus. I recommend your brand to all my friends, can’t praise your product highly enough!


Fantastic! they have never let me down
I would just like to say, I have been using your products for quite some time…Fantastic! they have never let me down. And made here!

Thank you
Regards, Andrew

The simplicity and quality construction stood out immediately
I purchased a One Planet Strezlecki 80L pack last year and I’m just emailing to thank you for such a great piece of gear. The simplicity and quality construction stood out immediately and have continued to make this pack a pleasure to use. It’s great to know that there are still companies providing top quality equipment designed for a lifetime to use.

Kind Regards,

I bought a One Planet back pack over ten years ago.
Hi OP Team,
Just wanted to pass on my thanks, I bought a One Planet back pack over ten years ago. It has been my faithful pack on several round the world trips to over 60 countries. I have hiked several 6000+m peaks and many significant hikes with it such as Kokoda & the Inca trial twice. It has never let me down. I would love to send you a photo of the pack with each of the 62 flags of each country I have visited stitched to it.


Dr Rick

…it would outlast them all
I want to say thank you for the long service my backpack has given me. I received it as a Christmas present in 1994 before I set off for the Perth Jamboree as a Scout. I remember the salesman at Snowgum recommending Aiking because although it didn’t have zips like the others, it would outlast them all. It’s been twenty years now and the sad day has come that I will need to replace it and I am getting quite emotional! We’ve had some lovely times together and it’s taken me right through from school bag to work bag and travels, here and overseas. Anyway, I was browsing the catalogue for the next incarnation and just thought I would say thank you as a way of saying goodbye.



…I very much appreciate the great customer service
I just wanted to send you and the team at One Planet a BIG THANK YOU for sending me the extra buckles for the Ned backpack which I have received now.
I very much appreciate the great customer service and going above and beyond in sending me the buckles to where I am overseas.

I will be a huge One Planet supporter, and promoter because of this (and the great products) going forward!

Thanks once again.

…many thanks for your AWESOME customer service
Hi O.P. Team,

Have just received back my rejuvenated J&H Winter-lite sleeping bag. Many thanks, it looks great.

And just laying it out on the carpet here, it certainly seems like it has more loft than it has had in recent years !

Will be returning to the same spot in the Grampians in a few weeks, and I am looking forward to testing it out – and looking forward to a warmer nights sleep too !

Again, many thanks for your AWESOME customer service. I will certainly have no hesitation in recommending you.


…on a dollar-per-year basis it has been awesome value.
Dear One Planet

I looked at my Aiking daypack yesterday and thought I would write to you and say how well it’s wearing. It’s at least up to its 20 year anniversary and still going strong.
Has ski toured, been hung off the top of elephants in Northern Thailand, river rafted, trekked in Germany, lived 6 years in Burma and has now spent three years carrying a full grocery shop on the back of a motor scooter in East Timor.

Just wearing a bit thin on the back lining but the main pack, straps, zips etc in full working order and the canvas is bombproof. Its the kind with a full zip (also bombproof) around not the top loading kind but exact model number I cannot say and it’s labels have long since faded to nothing. I’m thinking of getting a One Planet daypack against the time the Aiking one finally pops its clogs. Would you say the Grampian or the Zipless is more likely to replace this one with the same robustness? Thanks for a great product. I thought I was spending a lot of money at the time but on a dollar-per-year basis it has been awesome value.

…such high quality tough-as-nails backpacks.
I’d like to thank your company for producing such high quality tough-as-nails backpacks. I’ve had a one planet Ned 70 liter for 9 months now taking it across South America, Eastern Europe and the UK. During this time the bag has proved to be virtually indestructible, outside of losing a small battle to some rough handling by the baggage conveyor in Heathrow.

Recently, I have purchased a One Planet Traverse. I ‘broke in’ the pack during a particularly rough canyoning trip through claustral canyon in the Blue Mountains. I found the pack was a little larger than what I was used to but the back support and carrying capacity of it well and truly made up for that. It also allowed my more lazy mates to load me up with extra abseiling metal work and wet ropes.

Thank you for making such great products,
Ben Ellis

…thanks for making outstanding rucksacks.
Hey team,
Just wanted to say thanks for making outstanding rucksacks. I have been using a One Planet pack for years, and its like a part of me now, when I go hiking. Over the last couple of years I have taken it to remote parts of Bulgaria, Romania, Wales and I am soon to head over to South America. The pack is still going strong and even after buying a M**** rucksack (hybrid travel pack but has hiking harness) , the One Planet is my preference for hiking as it’s a great deal more comfortable.

So, thank you.

I’ve owned a Styx2 backpack for roughly 7 years … It hasn’t once let me down.
Hi Guys,

I’d like to congratulate you all on a fantastic product.

I’ve owned a Styx2 backpack for roughly 7 years and dragged it across some 17 countries.

I’ve taken it hiking, hunting, sailing, climbed mountains with it, strapped it to motorbikes and practically lived out of it for the time I was flying to and from drill rigs all over the country. It hasn’t once let me down. In fact, it’s ready for the next trip.

It has never torn, the zipper has never let go nor has any of the stitching though there’s been every reason. I don’t own any other piece of equipment that has done so many miles and lasted this long.

So once again, congratulations. It’s nearly impossible to find gear that you can truly trust, and Australian made at that.

Thank you and keep up the good work!

…a fantastic 3 season down sleeping bag.
I wanted a 3 season sleeping bag to compliment my winter bag. I needed a sleeping bag that was suited to summer camping and Autumn and Spring hut based trips in New Zealand’s South Island but that at the same time packed down into a small package and was not too heavy. The Zepher fits the bill perfectly, it is snug on chilly autumn nights and on those warmer summer nights unzipping the foot of the bag regulates the sleeping temperature extremely well. The packed size and weight of the bag in relation to the warmth is fantastic.
The internal lining fabric of the bag is luxurious to sleep in. The only thing that I find unnecessary is the detachable pillowslip but that’s purely a personal preference.
The Zepher has done a summer camping trip to Roaring Meg Hut in the Pisa Range and a Autumn hut trip over Gillespe Pass.

In summary a fantastic 3 season down sleeping bag for all but the coldest nights in New Zealand’s South with a great packability/weight ratio for the warmth of the bag.

Keep on producing great products for the Australia and New Zealand outdoors.

With thanks.

I call that super service to go with a super product. I will be buying One Planet stuff again.

Hi there
I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service. I have a favourite One Planet backpack which I have used for many years. A clip broke doing the Carnarvon Gorge great walk with my son recently.
I called to buy a replacement and the delightful lady I spoke to took my name and address and posted one to me free of charge. I call that super service to go with a super product. I will be buying One Planet stuff again.

Kind regards

When I need a new pack in fifty years or so, I'll be coming back.
Hi guys

A short note of congratulations. I’ve had the same hiking pack for almost ten years. It’s been through the wilds of the Tasmanian South East, the mountains of New Zealand, accross Asia and through Europe on countless trips, and it still holds up as good as it did brand new.

The day pack is also used every day for the cycle to work. It also still holds up a treat.

When I need a new pack in fifty years or so, I’ll be coming back.



Jesus you people make some good stuff!!

I just wanted to say that for the second time in my life I’ve bought a one planet pack (first one is 15 years old and as good as the day I bought it but my needs have changed).
I just wanted to say “Jesus you people make some good stuff!!”

Have you people ever considered making safety bags for nuclear weapons?

Well done,

Cheers Julian