Goondie 3D Footprint


The floor in our tents is tough; you don’t need a footprint. But if you want to go walking in ultralight mode, the Footprint allows you to leave the inner behind and take your Goondie on a ‘fast and light’ adventure. Made from HT 68-denier, 5000 mm PU polyester, the Footprint has watertight, bathtub construction with high side walls to prevent splash back. (Poles not included.)

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Goondie 1 3D Footprint 300 68D Polyester
Goondie 2 3D Footprint 430 68D Polyester
Goondie 3 3D Footprint 680 68D Polyester
  • Allows ‘fast and light’ pitching: just take poles, fly, a couple of pegs and the Footprint. This reduces weight by around half a kilogram, depending on the model
  • Made from high tenacity 68-denier, 5000 millimetre, PU-coated HT nylon – the same material used in our tent floors
  • Seam sealed in our factory
  • High side walls prevent splash back