The Tourer is designed to be versatile: it’s ideal for car camping with the family, use in a swag, caravan, campervan or on kids’ sleepovers. It’s a great sleeping bag (obviously!), but can also be opened up to make a double duvet or zipped to another Tourer. There are two models – a lightweight summer and a cozy winter option – which can be zipped together to create a double bag to suit most weather conditions with a simple flip. There is a Tourer for any trip, and a configuration to suit how you sleep. (See the info graphics for all the options.)

The Tourer’s old-school look and feel belies its high-tech Thermolink fibre fill and quality YKK zippers, while the plush inner and face area make it a pleasure to snuggle down.

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tapered rectangle thermolinkvapor vent v2campingtravel
1880 -5° 195 180
2900 -5° -10° 195 180

*Estimated temperature rating

The Tourer sleeping bags are not yet independently tested to the European Standard EN13537. The stated temperature ratings are based upon our sleeping bag manufacturing experience and real world testing.

We endeavor to have the series independently tested to the European Standard EN13537 in the near future. To read more about our temperature ratings see our technical pages. 

Down Under sleeping bags come in two sizes. As a general rule our sleeping bags are a little roomier than other brands.

The shoulder circumference measurement gives and indication of how much internal room the sleeping bag provides.

Regular: Comfortably fits people up to 195 cm with a shoulder circumference up to 160cm.
Large: Comfortably fits people up to 205 cm with a shoulder circumference up to 165cm.



Choosing a sleeping bag, which fits well, will provide the best performance. If you would like more room in your sleeping bag we offer a series of Sleeping Bag Expanders.


This bonded fibre weighs less and packs down smaller than competing synthetic fills, making our bags lighter and more compact while maintaining comfort and durability. The secret is in the manufacturing process; thousands of hollow fibres are combined between a high density thermal barrier and a fine, soft body-conforming radiant retention layer to form one continuous sheet of fibre. This sheet of Thermolink fibre has no gaps for heat to escape and thus performs better than traditional baffled fills.


Down Under sleeping bags are made using lightweight and highly breathable 50-denier Vapour Vent fabric. This fabric is strong, compressible and highly breathable. Vapour Vent fabric is woven to allow water vapour to escape whilst remaining down proof. This helps to reduce the sensation of being clammy in the sleeping bag and allows the down to loft to its full potential for maximum performance.




The Down Under series is designed for hiking, lightweight travel and general camping. The tapered rectangle shape provides wiggle room and allows the bag to unzip in to a duvet on warmer nights.


Storage and stuff sacks

Your sleeping bag is delivered in a compression stuff sack, as this is easiest way to transport it. However, it should not be stored in its stuff sack long-term as this compresses the fill material and may cause damage. Hang the bag in your wardrobe over a large hanger, in the supplied storage bag or an old pillowslip, or flat under your bed.

When putting your sleeping bag in its stuff sack, do as its name suggests! Don’t roll or fold it, simply stuff it in with your fist, pushing it down to the bottom of the sack. This allows the fill to settle in pockets rather than being squashed flat.

Be careful not to place excessive force on the compression straps. Compress the bag first, then tighten the straps.

Don’t over-compress your sleeping bag. If the bag is compressed too much, for too long, it is possible to permanently damage the fill material, resulting in an inferior performance.

Cleaning your bag

Washing a sleeping bag can be a daunting process. However, your bag will perform better for longer if it is kept clean. There are two ways to do this:

Use a professional

This is the easiest way to get your bag clean. One Planet don’t just make the bags, we look after them, too. Send your dirty, bedraggled bag to us and it will come back fresh, clean and fluffy. Too easy! Contact One Planet by email or phone for further details on our services.

If using another professional service, ensure they specialise in cleaning sleeping bags.

DIY sleeping bag washing

You will need a front loading washing machine to carefully wash your synthetic sleeping bag. A domestic size one is fine for washing a single sleeping bag.

  • Clean out the machine’s soap dispenser to remove any soap residue.
  • Undo the sleeping bag zippers.
  • Load your sleeping bag into the machine.
  • Use Nikwax Tech Wash (as directed on pack).
  • Select normal wash 40 deg C, 700 RPM spin, extra rinse.
  • Carefully remove your bag from the washing machine.
  • Line dry the sleeping bag in shade over a few days.
  • Finish the process by tumble drying for 30min on low heat. It is very important to keep the temperature low so you don’t cook your bag.