Goondie 1 Mesh


Made for the solo hiker, Goondie 1 breaks the lightweight mould by offering comfort and practicality without a massive weight penalty. There is room to sit up and read or get dressed, a single door for entry and a storage hatch for your stove or boots.

Model variations:

  • Mesh Inner and 7D Fly – This model is lightweight for three-season use. The mesh inner allows maximum ventilation whilst the fly is small, light and shakes almost dry.
  • Mesh Inner and 30D Fly – This tent provides a solo hiker with lightweight performance, excellent ventilation and durability. The 30 denier polyester fly has a long field life while the mesh inner provides maximum ventilation
  • Nylon Inner and 7D Fly – The full nylon inner adds warmth and wind protection, making this an excellent choice for solo hikers on extended solo missions below the snowline.
  • Nylon Inner and 30D Fly – The solo hiker’s sanctuary. When the weather closes in in the mountains, this tent will keep you warm, dry and comfortable.
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