Bath Bag


The One Planet Bath Bag is possibly the toughest little bag this side of the equator. It’s perfectly at home in your rucksack, kicking around the car or in your overseas travel kit. Built from Waterloc canvas, with canvas binding and heavy YKK zips, it’s got all the same stuff we use in our large-capacity bags, and it’s awesome.

In classic One Planet style, it’s completely over-specced and it will certainly last a lifetime.

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BATH BAG 90 G 26 (L) x 16 (W) x 6 (H) WATERLOC CANVAS

The Bath Bag to outlast all toiletry bags, the One Planet version will never wear out.

  • Waterloc® canvas
  • Canvas binding
  • Hefty YKK zips with tough pull-cords
  • Loops on either end for convenient hanging

Waterloc_canvasWaterloc® canvas (approximately 390 gsm). A tough, waterproof fabric developed in Australia specifically for One Planet rucksacks. The yarn has a polyester core wrapped in cotton: the core gives the fabric strength, while the cotton expands when moist, filling any microscopic holes and providing superior waterproofing. Waterloc canvas is tightly woven and impregnated with rot inhibitors and waterproofing agents to ensure waterproofness and longevity.

Most pack wear occurs through abrasion so we use Waterloc grid for increased strength. However, we’ve kept the surface smooth: the raised profile of traditional ripstop grids mean the prominent threads get clobbered, creating premature wear.