2Midable Mesh Inner


A Mesh Inner turns the 2Midable into a bug-free, comfortable retreat while maintaining versatility and storage space. High-quality mesh keeps out the creepy-crawlies, paired with our 75-denier PEU-coated polyester bathtub floor (5000 mm water head) to keep you dry. There’s ample internal height for comfortably sitting up and moving about – perfect for playing cards on rainy evenings.

The Mesh Inner comes with pegs and can be pitched alone – ideal for winter trips to Kakadu. It can also be pitched inside its matching fly to give a roomy, insect-proof tent that weighs very little. The 2Mid with Dyneema® combination weighs less than one kilogram, while the 2Midable package weighs just over 1.2 kilograms.

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