Outdoor Equipment Cleaning & Servicing

At ONE PLANET we don’t just design and make the finest Outdoor Education gear: we also provide best practices for the ongoing maintenance and cleaning of fleet equipment and run a dedicated Outdoor Education Equipment Cleaning & Servicing program from our Melbourne factory. The regular maintenance and servicing of school and institutional fleets will result in years of comfort, performance and durability.

Best practices for cleaning and disinfecting equipment in 2020

Equipment hygiene has become an essential part of risk management for schools and institutions in 2020, especially for outdoor gear that may be used by multiple users within a short time frame. Our ‘Guidelines for cleaning and maintenance’ document aims to provide advice and best practice guidelines for risk management in 2020. We aim to help you maintain, clean and disinfect ONE PLANET equipment so that kids stay safe and healthy, while also making life as easy as possible for teachers and leaders.

Please download the following supporting documents for more information

Professional cleaning and servicing

In our Melbourne factory we can help with the maintenance of your fleet, whether that is cleaning, servicing (including the use of disinfectants and sanitisers), repairs or replacement parts.

If your gear needs a little TLC, send it to us at the end of term. We’ll have it back by the first week of class, ready to face the wrecking crews again. Whatever the challenge, we can fix it. (We’ll have a red hot go, anyway.)

For servicing on individual items and gear, check out our servicing, washing and repairs page.

Rainwear and gaiters

ONE PLANET rainwear is made in Melbourne, so we are the experts at repairs and maintaining durability and performance. We’ve got your back!

  • Send your rainwear to us for cleaning and reapplication of DWR (Durable Water Repellency)
  • We repair zips, patch holes and can reapply seam tape

Sleeping bags

Washing bags, repairing zips and patching tears can be a daunting, time-consuming process. Luckily our service and support doesn’t stop when you buy the bag. We offer:

  • Synthetic bag: washing and cleaning
  • Down bag: washing, cleaning and reapplication of DWR
  • Patches and repairs
  • Zip maintenance or replacement
  • Replacement of compression sacks
sleeping bags

Packs and duffles

A little TLC goes a long way. ONE PLANET packs are manufactured in Melbourne, so we know the ins and outs of every stitch, seam and fabric, allowing us to repair, service and replace when needed. We can:

  • Patch and replace panels
  • Fix and replace buckles
  • Repair zips and zip sliders
  • Replace harnesses and frames
  • Wash and clean

Tents and flies

Safe, dry shelter is key in journey-based programs. We can turn accidents (lost pegs, broken poles, torn flies…) into good stories using spare parts and canny repairs. We’ll fix:

  • Broken poles, zips, buckles and other parts
  • Patch damaged floors, inners, flies and mesh
  • Offer replacement flies, pole sets and inners – we’ve got all the parts on hand!
  • Replace missing components: pegs, flies, stuff sacks and more…

Book your gear in

To get involved with the ONE PLANET Outdoor Education Equipment Cleaning & Servicing program and book your gear in, please contact our Melbourne factory directly to discuss.