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Synthetic sleeping bags provide warmth when wet, are easy on your wallet and naturally hypoallergenic. Our Thermolink insulation uses hollow-core fibres and thermal bonding technology for a superior warmth-to-weight ratio and incredible durability. To compare models view our full specification chart.

SAC series: generous tapered-rectangular shapes give more wriggle room and allow bags to be unzipped fully.

OESB series: these thermally-efficient mummy-shaped bag unzip to the ankle.

TOURER: the two sides of these versatile rectangular bags have different warmth ratings and can be easily flipped to suit conditions as there isn’t a hood. The bags can be fully unzipped, making a comfortable duvet.



Outdoor Education Sleeping Bags and Mats

SAC Series


Outdoor Education Sleeping Bags and Mats

OESB Synthetic