Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

ONE PLANET’s Outdoor Education equipment range owes its awesomeness to our hardest working gear testers – young people. Our gear is designed for students, with input from leaders and guides to perfect the range. Refined over decades, our specific outdoor education rucksacks, tents, sleeping bags, rainwear and accessories are durable, easy to use, and encourage students to experience the outdoors in comfort and safety.

We developed our Outdoor Education Blue Series tents and flies to be simple to pitch, liveable and reliable in the field. They’re the workhorses (or worktents) of the industry, with clever designs to ensure stability in high winds, durability in the harsh Australian sun, and easy use and maintenance.

We’ve developed and refined our awesome range of Outdoor Education packs over decades, taking on feedback from those in the field, considering and refining every component. We pride ourselves on nailing the little details in construction and design so they add up to big differences. Our rucksacks are comfortable, tough and easy to use, as well as simple to fit and adjust.

Our rainwear (jackets, overpants and gaiters) can be the difference between an adventure and an ordeal. Our gear is made in Melbourne and developed specifically for young people, so we’ve made choices that improve durability, reliability and ease of use, in both the field and the gear fleet.

ONE PLANET Outdoor Education Sleeping Bags are the market leaders due to their durability, quality construction and fill. We use technical, innovative design features, combined with the best modern materials and manufacturing technologies, to produce sleeping bags that work.

No matter what the product, our focus is the same: comfort, durability and purpose. This is true for our Outdoor Education accessories. Our camp site range can simplify hygiene, cooking, cleaning and student organisation, as well as life in general…

Many products have been designed in collaboration with Australian outdoor educators to make life in the field easy (or easier anyway).

Let’s chat! Please contact us directly to discuss our Outdoor Education Equipment range, options for customisation and bulk-order pricing.