Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

One Planet’s outdoor education range owes its awesomeness to our hardest working gear testers – young people. Over the last 20 years, they’ve helped it evolve to meet specific (and unfudgeable) requirements for fit, use and durability. If you’re from a school or outdoor organisation, contact us to discuss range, customisation and bulk-order pricing.


One Planet has been working with outdoor educators and hire companies for decades, creating products that last for the long haul while allowing kids to experience the outdoors in comfort and safety. Along the way we’ve continually tweaked designs, streamlined our processes and improved our gear. We know what works, and have hundreds of satisfied outdoor education customers as a result.

Most of our gear is still made in Australia, allowing us to provide repairs, service and spares quickly, easily and efficiently. Many of our products have fixed basic designs and specifications, allowing interchangeable parts between new and old models. This reduces the gear pool and means that you won’t end up having to throw out a serviceable product because of one broken part.

We have extensive, diverse experience tailoring products to meet our customers’ needs. From design tweaks and application of embroidery, to the ground-up construction of new products, we can provide gear that suits your requirements perfectly. Please contact us directly to discuss your specific outdoor education requirements.