About One Planet



Who is One Planet and what do we do?
One Planet is a company founded on passion. We’re passionate about our products, our people and our planet.

In our Melbourne factory, we produce world-class gear, specialising in rucksacks, sleeping bags and tents for the travel and outdoor adventure markets. Our philosophy is simple: make it good, make it work, make it last. We have been manufacturing outdoor gear for more than 40 years, during which time both products and company have continually evolved.

About our gear
Whilst celebrating our 30th birthday was a milestone, it’s no excuse to rest on our laurels. We continue to craft high quality gear for adventures in Australia, New Zealand and beyond. We know what works, and the simplicity of our products belies the complex design principles underpinning them. Our products are built to last: our philosophy of over-engineering is matched by the durability of our materials and construction methods.

One Planet products are designed and developed locally, which allows us to make small changes and continually improve our products. We do not subscribe to the ‘close enough is good enough’ philosophy: we’re passionate about getting it right.

Comfort is our highest priority when designing products, so you can concentrate on enjoying your adventures.

Mostly made in Australia
In an industry where local manufacturing is almost extinct and importing from Asia is the norm, One Planet still proudly manufactures the majority of its products in Australia. Products that we cannot economically produce in Melbourne are developed and tested locally, then produced in China or Vietnam in close association with our partner factories.
Our company
One Planet as it is today is the culmination of mergers between Aiking Equipment, Adventure Designs and J&H/One Planet, and owned by Managing Director Andrew King. (He’s got a bit of experience in the industry: he first began making rucksacks in 1988!)

One Planet is a small company, employing around 30 people. It is very much a hands-on operation, with everything from design to production to sales done from the Melbourne factory and office, allowing real control over quality, the company’s direction, customer satisfaction, and just about everything else.

Our planet

At One Planet, we go to great lengths to minimise our environmental impact. We make gear that lasts, reducing the waste of both materials and money. We also service our gear and are very happy to provide spare parts: we don’t want your pack to be binned because a rat ate the hipbelt… Most of our products are made in our Melbourne factory, in which since 2005 partnered with Geenfleet to reduce our carbon emissions, with the remainder offset through our partner Green Fleet. And there’s much more…

Carbon Emission Offset
To minimise our environmental impact, we follow a very stringent daily operating routine in our Melbourne factory.

  • Staff travel to and from work, on flights and public transport, is calculated and offset through Green Fleet. Flights are also carbon offset.
  • All paper is reused, then recycled.
  • All paper, cardboard, soft and hard plastics, steel and aluminium from the factory and office are recycled.
  • All electricity is either ‘GreenPower’ accredited renewable energy or 100% offset via Green Fleet
  • Food is prepared on site and provided in our canteen: this means less travel, cheaper food and healthier options.

Ethically sourced down
Our down is ethically sourced, harvested and cleaned before purchase, with both the down and our supplier passing independent International Down and Feather Laboratory (IDFL) audits relating to ethical traceability. This means that the white down and feathers we purchase are from animals that haven’t been live plucked or force-fed at any point during the supply chain.

The IDFL has been around almost 40 years and has a solid base in China, from where around 75% of the global supply of down is sourced. There are more details on the IDFL here: www.idfl.com/whytest

Kulin nation country
One Planet acknowledges the Kulin nation of peoples as the traditional custodians of the factory’s land. One Planet pays respect to the elders of the Kulin nation, both past and present, and extends that respect to other Aboriginal people.