Polar tents

One Planet Polar gear has been developed as a joint venture between One Planet and the Australian and New Zealand governments' Antarctic organisations to ensure it suits the exact requirements of their scientific research programs.

We have used our exceptional knowledge of tent design and fabrics to create the most advanced polar pyramid tents available. Capable of withstanding the harshest weather on the planet, these tents are at the pinnacle of shelter design. One Planet offer two polar pyramid designs, the Standard Polar Pyramid and the Polar Pyramid Vestibule.

Polar Pyramid Vestibule

The Standard Polar Pyramid provides a traditional 'bomb proof' solution for Antarctic expeditions requiring solid dependability. Everything you expect from a traditional pyramid design has been included, as well as a range of additional features to ensure reliability and comfort.

The Polar Pyramid Vestibule is based on the standard Polar Pyramid but with an extended panel providing a spacious porch and extra storage area. It is ideal for longer stays, or as a kitchen or workshop tent.

Polar Pyramid features

Our eight-ounce canvas is incredibly hard-wearing and tough. It is breathable and has high UV resistance, allowing it to withstand repeated extended periods in the Antarctic sun. Colours are chosen for high visibility and to create a harmonious interior environment. Clear windows let in natural light and provide excellent weather observation ports. Each pole sleeve has four external lash points, allowing antennas and solar panels to be hung outside the tent. Multiple air vents ensure that occupants can breath easy in even the heaviest snow depositions.

Other features include:

  • hardened aquaphobic floor material, and snow valances;
  • strong but light 48 millimetre drawn-alloy frames;
  • eight millimetre guy ropes all round;
  • tunnel door entry with double closure ties;
  • guy pockets keep the tent tidy in transit and during pitching;
  • massive internal storage nets.


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